In this issue:

This issue of the ILC 2019 Daily News covers the past, present and future, with highlights from the last 4 years of JHEP, a host of real-world data for current treatments and the late breaker session heralding potential new hopes for the treatment of NASH, primary biliary cholangitis, and chronic hepatitis B virus infection.

In the second of this week’s award ceremonies, two young EASL Fellows, Dr Virginia Hérnandez-Gea (Spain) and Martin Guilliams (Belgium), received the EASL Young Investigator Award in recognition of their outstanding international liver research achievements to date. Further funding and studentships awarded to help young researchers in the development of their careers included:

  • EASL Juan Rodes PhD Studentships
  • EASL Sheila Sherlock Postgraduate Fellowships
  • EASL Daniel Alagille Award, which promotes biomedical research in paediatric and adult cholestatic diseases


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